Hourly consultations are based on your design situation. My specialties are redesign and home staging, but often clients call when they need a new master plan or simple reassurance on their projects. I cater to what YOU, the client, need.

Day of Redesign

This process involves first a consultation and plan, then a full day of rearrangement using your budget and current furnishings, and a few fresh, contemporary items. A new space with old stuff, creatively arranged differently.

Day of Staging

Transform your space using what you already have! This usually involves rearranging the floor plan, moving things to different rooms, and adding and removing accessories to promote the best things about your home and minimize the negatives, making it more appealing to more people. Staging requires an initial consultation so I can provide basic guidelines for what the homeowner should do to prepare.

Vacant Home Staging

Home buyers have a hard time visualizing in an empty home. I will set up some furnishings in your home to make it more appealing, for a basic set-up fee and a monthly rental fee after the first month.